Click a link below to watch videos covering how to set up Online Ordering in DocketManager. 

Online Configuration

Themes (v3.14)

How to customize a theme

Portals (v3.14)

How to customize a portal

Making your first portal (v3.14)

How to create a portal from scratch

Customer Access

Configuring Customers (v3.14)

How to configure a customer's online settings

Configuring Contacts (v3.14)

How to configure a contact's online settings

Assigning Contact Access (v3.14)

How to manually assign contact access to products

Security (v3.14)

How to configure custom security roles 

Product Configuration

Configuring Products (v3.14)

How to configure a Product

Product Catalogs (v3.14)

How to add Product Catalogs

New Products (v3.14)

How to create new Products

Assigning Products (v3.14)

How to manually assign products to portals

Product Options (v3.14)

How a product options works and what the client sees

Online Navigation

Assuming Identity (v3.14)

How you can assume each online user's identity

Cart Approval

How the cart approval process works

Quote Approval (v3.14)

How a online quote is sent and what the client sees

Proof Approval (v3.14)

How a online proof is sent and what the client sees

Orders With Balances (v3.14)

How a client can see and pay for outstanding balances

Order Status (v3.14)

How a client can see and reorder past orders for themselves and/or their company

Favorites (v3.14)

How a client can add/remove and view favorite items

Inventory (v3.14)

How a client can see their inventory items balances

Profile (v3.14)

How a client can manage their own information

Admin (v3.14)

How a client admin can add/edit/delete their company's contacts

Variable Templates

Variable Templates (v3.07)

Creating a basic variable template with basic html and stacking groups

Variable Templates Advanced (v3.07)

Creating a more advanced template with advanced html