Proof Status can be manually changed after the file has been uploaded to DocketManager.

To Manually Change the Proof Status

Adding a Proof Status

Step      Action

  1.         From the Order Item view page, select the {Graphics} tab.

  2.         Select the pencil icon to open the Graphics edit mode. 

  3.         Select the status for the desired Proof and then select an option from the drop-down.

              i.e. If it is the first proof going to the Customer, select {Awaiting Approval}. If it were a Customer

              supplied PDF, select {Approved}, and no other steps would apply.

   4.        Select {Save} from the top-right corner of the Graphics tab. A pop-up window will confirm graphics 

              details saved.


              Note: Once the status has been added/updated, and the page refreshed, the current date will appear on the changed column.