Orders - Proof Email

To Send a Proof Email

Step      Action

  1.        From the Order Item view page, select the {Action} menu and then select {Proof Email} from the 

             drop-down menu.

  An Add Proof modal window will open.

  2.       Select a Proof File to be added to the email by checking a box on the left-hand side.


  3.      Select {Continue}. An Email modal window will open.

  4.      Add any additional information required to the email. Copy the link from the email so you can 

           document what the client sees.

  5.      Select {Send}. A pop-up window will confirm the the email successfully sent.

           Note: Once the email has been sent, the proof status auto changes to awaiting approval.


            If the customer approves the proof, it comes back approved on DocketManager.

            If the customer requires changes, they type comments/desired changes in the box. The customer response comes back as  proof notes and status on DocketManager updates to indicate changes required.

            Extra Features:

            When client sends back a response the user who sent the proof gets an alert

            To find out when the status was updated it can been seen on the graphics tab of the item screen or on the production page with graphics view when hovering over proof color.