Customer goods must have a depletion template added before a good can be depleted. A depletion template is a pre-made order item that is copied to an order to deplete inventory values. Multiple depletion templates can be added to a single customer good. Once a depletion template has been added, the customer good inventory will deplete whenever the template is used on an order. 


  • The depletion templates on a customer good are based off of products. For more information on creating products, see Products - Adding a New Product.
  • Versions cannot be used on Customer Good depletions as inventory will not calculate correctly. 
  • Discount fields cannot be overridden on customer good depletions.
  • Pricing on the depletion will be based off of the replenishment lot. For more information, see FAQ - How Does Customer Good Pricing Work?
  • If the customer good is set as prepaid, the price will be billed on replenishment. If the customer good is not prepaid, the replenishment will not be billed. The price dispersal will be systemically calculated and allocated as the customer good is depleted.
  • Shell Stock depletion templates may not have a stock. A blue band imposition message will appear if stock is left blank but the message can be disregarded.

For more information on adding Depletion Templates, see Customer Goods - Depletion Templates.

To Deplete a Customer Good:

Step     Action

  1.       Create an order. (See Orders - Creating a New Order)

  2.       From the Items section, hover the mouse over Goods and select {Deplete} from the 


   The Insert Customer Goods modal will open.

   Note: The Customer Name and Customer Number should pre-fill based 

   on selections made when creating the order.

 3.        Check the box on the left-hand side of items to be replenished and select {Add}. A pop-up 

            message will confirm Order items successfully added to the order.

Once the item has been added to the order, the Details tab on the item will display the customer 

goods quantity and status.

Note: The Customer Good view page will show a decrease in the quantity available based on this

item. Once the order posts, the status will update to Pulled on the item. The inventory on the Customer 

Good page will show a decrease to the on hand quantity.

Back Ordered Customer Goods

If there is not sufficient inventory for the depletion, the item will be set to back ordered. 

This information will appear on the Details tab of the item.


An Item status will also be systemically added to indicate that the customer good is 

Back Ordered.

If you attempt to post a back ordered depletion item, a pop-up message will indicate 

that an order item is back ordered and that it cannot be posted until all goods are