Customer Goods - Depletion

To deplete customer supplied goods:

A customer good must have a depletion template added before depletions can be made. Multiple depletion templates can be added to a customer good.

A depletion template is a pre-made order item that is copied to an order to deplete inventory values.

Note: The depletion templates on a customer good will be based off of products. For more information on creating products, see Products - Adding a New Product.

Once a depletion template has been added to a customer good, it will deplete whenever the template is used on an order. 

For more information on adding Depletion Templates, see Customer Goods - Depletion Templates.

Adding a Depletion

Step     Action

  1.       Create an order. (See Orders - Creating a New Order)

  2.       From the Items section, hover mouse over Goods and select {Deplete} from the drop-down.

  The Insert Customer Goods modal will open.

  Note: The Customer Name and Customer Number should pre-fill based on selections made when creating the order.

 3.        Check box on left-hand side of items to be replenished and select {Add}. A results window will 

            pop-up to confirm Order items successfully added to the order.

            Note: Once the order posts, the quantity on hand and available will deplete.