Product Option allows for a specific set of similar product items to be grouped online. The products would all basically have the same setup with variable options, such as finish or size. This gives the appearance online of a single product with a drop-down for the individual products based on the labelled variable. 

Adding Product Options

Step     Action

  1.       Select {Settings} and then select {Product Options} under Online Ordering.

  2.       Select {New}. A New Product Option page will open.

  3.       Complete the fields.

NameThis is the name that will appear in the product list online.

Example: Banners
LabelEnter the product option Label that users on the portal will see when selecting the different product options. 

Example: Finish

  4.       Select {Save}. An Online Ordering Template view page will open for the new product.

               The option to add products will be available once the General information has been saved and 

            the new Product Option's page has been generated. (See Product Options - Product List