Step     Action
 1.         Select {Settings} and then select {Products} under Online Ordering.

 2.         The search criteria that can be used include:

NameEnter a full or partial Name.
Product DescriptionEnter a full or partial Product Description.
Product NumberEnter a full or partial Product Number.
Template NameSelect a Template Name option from the drop-down menu.
Customer NameEnter a full or partial Customer Name.
Has External IdentifierSelect Yes or No.
External IdentifierEnter an External Identifier.
TagsSelect some Tags options from the drop-down menu.
PressSelect a Press from the drop-down menu.
Stock NameEnter a full or partial Stock Name.
Stock WeightEnter a Stock Weight.
Stock SizeEnter the Stock Size (Width x Length).
Stock ColorEnter a full or partial Stock Color.
Stock FinishEnter a full or partial Stock Finish.

  3.       Once Search criteria has been entered, select {Search}. To clear all search

            criteria, select {Clear}.