The Assume Identity function allows an Admin user to login to a portal and assume the identity of one of the portal contacts, seeing the portal as they see it.

Note: If you are having issues logging into the correct portal for a contact, see FAQ - Why Can't I Assume Identity for a Contact?

Assuming Identity on a Portal

Step      Action       

  1.        Login to the portal as an Admin User. You will be redirected to an assume identity 

             page after login. 

    Note: A search can be conducted for a specific contact by entering a full or partial 

    contact name, username, and/or customer name in the corresponding fields.

  2.       Select the Assume Identity eye icon to the left of the Contact Name to assume that 

            contact's identity.    

Once a contact's identity has been assumed, you can navigate the portal, seeing it as that contact sees it. Any actions taken, such as placing an order or submitting a proof approval, will be done as that contact. The top-right corner of screen will show you who you are logged in as. 


Selecting the {Assume Identitybutton in the top-right corner will redirect you back to the Assume Identity page and allow you to switch identities.

Watch Assuming Identity - How you can assume each online user's identity