To Launch a Portal from the Online Configuration Page

Step     Action

  1.       Select {Settings} and then select {Online Configuration} under Online Ordering section.

  2.       Select a portal by clicking on the desired portal's URL icon.

To Launch a Portal from the Portal Edit Page

On the edit page for a selected portal, the online portal can be launched by selecting the link under URL in the General section.

Online Portal View

Once the online portal has been launched, it will open on the Login page.

When logged in as an administrator, you can assume the identity of any contact and view the portal as they would see it. (See Online Configuration - Assume Identity)

The Online Portal view can include the following pages:


  • All portal screenshots are samples from a default portal. The portals can be fully customized to suit company needs.
  • To add or edit a portal page, see Portals - Pages.



The name of the assumed identity will appear on the top right-hand side of the landing page. Selecting the user name will bring up their profile.
For more information, see Online Portals - Profile Page.
Home PageHome Page
The home page facilitates navigation by providing links to other pages.
Note: The links visible to a contact are dictated by the users security permissions, as set by their online role. 

To add or edit links, see Portals - Navigation.
Product PagesProduct Pages can be setup as a list or drop-down from the home page. The product images are clickable. The product page can include: image upload field, stock option drop-down, notes field, pricing tables, etc.To add or edit products, see Portals - Products.
FavoritesThis allows for quick viewing of any products that have been marked as a Favorite. (By clicking the "star" to the left of the product name).
SearchThis allows for products to be searched.

  • Partial searches can be performed through the search field and it is not necessary to know the full name of the product being searched for. 
  • Item Tags on products can also be used for searches.
ApprovalsThis allows for orders requiring approval, proofs, and quotes to be approved.
Note: The user must be designated as an approver to view the approval page.  
For more information, see Online Portals - Approval Page.
Order StatusThis provides a bird's eye view of the contact's orders and their status. A search field is available to make locating order's easier.
Users can also reorder items from this page.
CartThis provides an itemized list of the customers selected purchases. It allows for items to be reviewed before Checkout.
Orders with BalancesThis allows all orders with balances to be viewed. Orders can be filtered based on order status, posted or unposted. Payments can also be applied directly to outstanding orders from this page.
For more information, see Online Portals - Order with Balances Page.
Inventory PageThe inventory page will provide a detailed count of Customer Good products On Order, On Hand, and Available.
Admin PageThis allows for an online administrator to manage and maintain user profiles.
For more information, see Online Portals - Admin Page.
CheckoutThis allows for orders to be submitted.