An Employee can be added to DocketManager by entering them as a contact under the Account page 

for the company.

To Add an Employee:

Step    Action

  1.      Select {Settings} and then select {Account} under Admin section.    

  2.      Select {New} under Contacts on the Account view page. A New Contact page will open.

  3.      Complete the General fields for the new user.

  4.      Select {Save}. The page will now show the name of the new contact.


Once the General contact information has been saved for the new user, the following additional information 

can be added:

Default shipping, billing, and additional locations for the user can be added. (See Contacts-Locations)
Stored Credit Card Profiles for the user can be added. (See Contacts-Financial)
Online Ordering
Online Ordering information can be setup to include roles, username and password. (See Contacts-Online Ordering)

To Remove an Employee:

Step      Action

  1.        Select {Settings} and then select {Account} under Admin section.    

  2.        Select employee to be deleted by checking box on the left-hand side of name.

      Note: If the user has been setup with a role and login credentials, an error will generate if 

     you attempt to delete the contact. 

    The role and login must first be removed before deleting the contact.

     To remove the role and login:

1. Select the contact's name to open the Contact view page. 

2. The Contact Edit modal can be opened by hovering over Actions menu and selecting

                     {Edit} from the drop-down.

3. From the Contact Edit modal, select on any roles in the Role field and delete the 

    username from the Username field. 

4. Select {Save}.         

  3.        Select {Delete}. A window will pop-up to confirm selected items to be deleted.

  4.        Select {Ok}. A results window will pop-up to confirm selected Contact has been deleted.