Navigation - Top Navigation Bar

The Top Navigation Bar allows for quick access to several key functions on DocketManager. 



Hovering the mouse over {New} opens a drop-down that allows the user to quickly navigate to specific pages within DocketManager. This drop-down can include:
Note: Only the functions that the user has access to will appear in the drop-down.

This allows the user to access Timers. When selected, a modal window opens with a list of existing Timers. If no timers exist, the New Timer modal window will open instead.

For more information on Timers, see General - Timers.

This allows the user to access Tasks. The red badge indicates past due items or items due that day. When selected, the tasks modal window will open.

For more information on Tasks, see General - Tasks.

This shows the user any notifications on DocketManager. The red badge indicates the number of notifications. Hovering the mouse over the icon allows for the notifications to be viewed. The notification may contain a link for the user to select. Notifications can be dismissed by selecting the green checkmark on the right-hand side.
For more information on Alerts, see General - Alerts.

This shows the identity of the current user. Hovering the mouse over the user name opens a drop-down that includes links for the following:
  • Profile
  • Clock-in
  • Release Notes
  • QA Release Notes
  • Community Forum
  • Upcoming Webinars
  • Recordings
  • Logout