Creating a New Email

Email communications, an integral component of DocketManager, keep you connected to your Customers.

Step     Action

  1.       Select type of email to be sent. Emails can be sent for shipping notifications, order 

            confirmations, invoices, statements and more.

  An email modal window will open.

  2.      Complete the fields.

Default set to logged on user.
Select To option from the drop-down.

Select the downward arrow icon to the left-hand side of To drop-down. This will add CC/BCC fields to the email.

Email addresses for CC/BCC can be selected from the drop-down or manually entered.
To add an address manually, enter the email address into the CC/BCC field and hit enter. The manually entered address should now appear in the field 
Enter a Subject.
Select the paper clip icon. The Open File modal window will open and a file can be selected for attachment.

To edit an Attachment:

  • Select the attachment. The Edit Document modal will open.
  • Select {Edit} on the bottom right-hand side of the modal. 
  • Make required changes.
  • Select {Update}. The updated file will attach to the record.

For more information on editing an attachment, see General - Editing a PDF Document.
Canned Email
Select a Canned Email option from the drop-down, if applicable.

Note: Canned emails are a way to send different types of preset emails to clients quickly while maintaining consistency company wide.  (See Canned Emails - Creating a New Canned Email)

There is a refresh button on the right-hand side of the Canned Email field. This allows you to reset the Canned Email content.

Email Body
Enter in email details.

Note: The icons on the bottom left corner can be used to toggle between designer mode and html mode.

Although it is not possible to add an attachment (such as a .PDF file or working document) into your notes, it is possible to use the Insert/Edit URL link to create a link to the destination where you have hosted these files on an external server or cloud service.

For longer notes, a scroll bar will appear on the right-hand side to allow for easier viewing of content OR you can resize the note content window by click, hold the small triangle in the bottom right corner of the email body content and drag to make it larger.


  4.     Select {Send}. A pop-up window will confirm the email was successfully sent.