The Online Ordering section of the Contact Edit modal provides settings for a Contact's online ordering access. 

There are a few ways to open a Contact Edit modal.

  • CRM > Contact > Edit from vertical ellipses drop-down
  • Contact View page > Actions > Edit
  • Customer View page > Contacts section > Pencil Icon
  • Quote/Order/ View page > Pencil icon to right of Contact name under Customer Details

Adding Online Ordering Information

Step     Action 

  1.       From the Contact edit modal window, select {Online Ordering} on the right hand 

            side of the screen to auto scroll to the Online Ordering section.


  2.       Complete fields for contact's Online Ordering information.  

These are the payment options that the Contact will have available to them at checkout. If this field is left blank, the Customer's options will be used.
This is the role that will control what the Contact can see and do online.

Note: If the contact role is set as 'Online Ordering-Needs Approval' but no approver is assigned, the contact will not require approval to submit an online order.
This is the username the Contact will login with, it must be unique.
New Password
Enter a New Password.
Confirm New Password
Re-enter password to Confirm New Password.
Portal Access
These selections are the portals that the Contact has access to.
Default Portal
This is the Contact's default portal that URLs will be created from and that the main default portal will direct them to on login.
BudgetsThese are the Budget options that the Contact will have available to them when ordering online.

To Add a Budget:
1. Select {Add} under Budgets. An Add Budget modal will open.
2. Check boxes on left-hand side for any budgets to be added.
3. Select {Add}.
To Create a New Budget
1. Select {New} under Budgets. A New Budget modal will open.

2. Complete the fields.

ActiveDefault set to Yes. Toggle switch to No to set budget as Inactive.
CodeEnter a budget Code.
NameEnter a budget Name.
AmountEnter a value for the budget Amount.
Shipping, Postage, and TaxesDefault set to No. Toggle switch to Yes to apply budget to each item.
Start DateSet a budget Start Date using the calendar.
End DateSet a budget End Date using the calendar.
FrequencySelect a budget Frequency (One Time, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly) from the drop-down.
Roll OverDefault set to No. Toggle switch to Yes to allow budget amount to roll over to the next budget installment.

Note: This field is only visible if frequency is set to more than 'One Time'.

3. Select {Save}. 

To Edit a Budget

1. Select the Code for the Budget to be edited. The Budget modal will open.

2. Make required changes.

3. Select {Save}.

To Remove a Budget

1. Check boxes on left-hand side of each budget to be removed.

2. Select {Remove}.

Default BudgetSelect a Default Budget from the drop-down.

Note: If a budget default is set, items will have that budget prefill on creation, regardless of if a budget is required or not.  
Budget RequiredDefault set to No. Toggle switch to Yes if a budget is required for this contact.
ProductsTo add, edit, or delete products, see Contacts - Products.

Note:  An initial save needs to be done on the Contact modal prior to adding approvers.

If you attempt to add approvers without having saved the modal first, an error message will generate.
This determines if the contact will be required to submit online orders for approval.
  • If the contact has an approver assigned, they will require approval when submitting orders online regardless of their online role. 
  • Additional levels for Approvers can be added by selecting the + icon to the right-hand side of the drop-down. The additional approver levels will automatically be removed if there are no names in the drop-down.


  3.        Select {Save}. A results window will pop-up to indicate the online ordering 

             section has been saved.

Editing or Deleting Online Ordering Information

Step     Action

  1.       From the Contact edit modal window, make required changes to fields under 

            Online Ordering section.

  2.       Select {Save}. A results window will pop-up to indicate the online ordering 

            details have been saved.