Default Documents

Step    Action

  1.      From the Customer edit modal, select {Communications Defaults} on the right-hand side of 

           screen to auto scroll to Communication Defaults section.

  2.     Complete the fields by selecting an option for each Document or Canned Email from the 


          Note: The document defaults become the first option for this customer when selecting to 

          print or email a document. The canned email defaults become the first option in the canned 

          email drop-down. For more information on Canned Emails, see Communications-Canned Emails.

  3.     Select {Save}. A pop-up window will confirm customer updated successfully.

Editing  or Deleting Communication Defaults

Step     Action

  1.       From the Customer edit modal window, select {Communications Defaults} on the 

            right-hand side of screen to auto-scroll to Communications Defaults section. 

  2.       Make required changes to fields. To delete, select 'Select an Option' from the drop-down.

  3.       Select {Save}. A results window will pop-up to indicate the customer was updated successfully.