Creating a Custom Export

Step     Action

  1.       Select {Settings} and then select {Custom Export} under the Admin section.  Select                                        

            the Orders/Items tab. 

  2.        Set the export parameters using a combination of export variables and search filters: 

             A) To select a column item, check the box on the left-hand side. Only the column items with a 

             check marked box will be included in the export.

             B) Search filters can then be applied by selecting from field drop-downs.


Note: Export cannot be created using search filters only and a search filter is not required to generate export. At least one column selection must be checked or export will appear blank. 

If Order columns/search filters only are selected, the export will generate with a single item per Order#.

If a combination of Order and Item columns/search filters are selected, the export will generate with a multiple lines per Order# - 1 for each item.

  3.        Once export parameters have been set, select {Export}. An export .csv file will be generated.

             Note: You may need to confirm the file to be opened/saved before 

             proceeding, depending on your web browser. The file will open or be saved 

             to your computer depending on your web browser.

Order/Item Export Variables include:

Order #
Order Name
Order Statuses
Customer Name
Customer Number
External Identifier
Contact Name
Contact Phone
Contact Email
Sales Rep
Order Tags
Ship Type
Invoice Delivery
Payment Terms
Tax Rates
PO Number
Order Date
Invoice Date
Invoice Generated Date
Invoice Due Date
Billing Name
Billing Address
Billing City
Billing Region
Billing Country
Billing Zip/Postal
Shipping Name
Shipping Address
Shipping City
Shipping Region
Shipping Country
Shipping Zip/Postal
No. Of Items
Item Number
Item Name
Item Description
Item Cost
Item Price
  • The item price before graphics and discount
Graphic Cost
Graphic Price
Item Total
  • The item total after graphics and discount
Budget Code
Budget Name
Unit of Measure

Template Group
Template Name
Template Option
Item Type
Item Status
Goods Location
Graphics Date
Press Date
Finishing Date
Shipping Date
Due Date
Graphic Artist
Assign To
Press Time
Ink Colors Side 1
Ink Colors Side 2
Sheets for Cost
Stock Reorder
Department Items

Finishing Time
Item Tags
Graphic Notes
Press Notes
Finishing Notes
Outsourced Notes
Shipping Notes
Generic Notes
Proof Notes
Commission Contacts
Paid Commission Amount
Commission Amount
Vendor PO
Items Price
  • The sum of items before graphics and discounts
Graphic Total
Discount Total
Items Total
  • The sum of items after graphics and discounts

Shipping Cost
Shipping Total
Postage Total
Tax Total
Order Total


Search Filters include:

  • Order Status
  • Receiver
  • Sales Rep
  • CSR
  • Order Date
  • Posted Date
  • Payment Date
  • Budget Code
  • Budget Name
  • Order Tags
  • Item Tags
  • Invoice Generated