Custom Export - Orders/Items Custom Export

Creating a Custom Export

Step     Action

  1.       Select {Settings} and then select {Custom Export} under the Admin section.  Select                                        

            the Orders/Items tab. 

  2.        Set the export parameters using a combination of column selection and search filters: 

             A) To select a column item, check the box on the left-hand side. Only the column items with a 

             check marked box will be included in the export.

             B) Search filters can then be applied by selecting from field drop-downs.

             Note: Export cannot be created using search filters only. At least one column must be selected 

             or export will appear blank. 


If Order columns/search filters only are selected, the export will generate with a single item per Order#.

If a combination of Order and Item columns/search filters are selected, the export will generate with a multiple lines per Order# - 1 for each item.

  3.        Once export parameters have been set, select {Export}. An export .csv file will be generated.

             Note: You may need to confirm the file to be opened/saved before 

             proceeding, depending on your web browser. The file will open or be saved 

             to your computer depending on your web browser.

A Smart List can also be created to save the custom export parameters once they are set. (See Custom Export-Smart Lists)