Custom Export - Customer/Contacts Custom Export

Creating a Custom Export

Step     Action

  1.       Select {Settings} and then select {Custom Export} under the Admin section. Select the 

            Customers/Contacts tab. 

  2.        Set the export parameters using a combination of column selection and search filters: 

             A) To select a column item, check the box on the left-hand side. Only the column items with a 

             check marked box will be included in the export.

             B) Search filters can then be applied by selecting from field drop-downs.

             Note: Export cannot be created using search filters only. At least one column must be 

             selected or export will appear blank. 


If Customer columns and search filters only are selected, the export will generate with a single item per Customer#.

If a combination of Customer and Contact columns/search filters are selected, the export will generate with multiple lines per Customer# - 1 for each contact.

  3.        Once export parameters have been set, select {Export}. An export .csv file will be generated.

             Note: You may need to confirm the file to be opened/saved before 

             proceeding, depending on your web browser. The file will open or be saved 

             to your computer depending on your web browser.

A Smart List can also be created to save the custom export parameters once they are set. (See Custom Export-Smart Lists)