Point of Sale allows for direct product sales orders to be entered.

Note: If Point of Sale page is refreshed during order entry, all order information will be lost.

POS - Creating an Order

Step      Action

  1.        Select {Point of Sale} on the left-hand side to open POS page.

  2.        Select a customer and contact for the order. (For more information, see 


  3.        Use search filters to locate products and select {Add to Cart} for each product to be added 

             to the order.

  4.         Review the Cart and make any required changes.         

              Note: Products can be modified once added to the cart. (For more information, 

              see POS - Modifying Cart Products)


  5.        Select + icon to add Discount, if applicable. The discount can be added as a dollar 

             amount ($) or percentage (%).

  6.       Select {Add Notes}, if applicable, to add any additional order information. For more 

            information on adding notes, see General - Notes.

  7.       Once all the order information has been completed, the order can be created by entering 

            a payment or by selecting {Place Order}. For more information on making a payment, 

            see POS - Payments.

             A new order will be created and the Order's view page will open.

Note: If you do not want to place the order, select {Cancel Order}. All order information will be cleared if the order is canceled.