To Create a Payment on POS:

For Credit Card payment:
1. Select arrow on the right-hand side of Pay Now and then select {Credit Card} from the drop-down.

The New Payment credit card modal will open.

  2. Complete the fields.
Card Details

Card Number
Enter the Card Number.
Select a Contact from the drop-down menu.
Name on Card
Enter the Name on Card.
Name on Card
Enter the full name as it appears on the card.
Enter the expiry date for the card (MMYY).
Enter CVC. (3-4 digit security code from the back of the card).
Billing Address
Enter the street address, city, zip/postal code, and country in the corresponding fields.
Save Card
Default set to No. Toggle switch to Yes to save the card to the contact's profile.
 Note: The Amount will prefill with the Order balance. This value can be modified.

3. Select {Submit}. 
For Other payment methods:
1. Select {Pay Now}. 

A New Payment modal will open.

2. Complete the fields.  
Select an existing deposit from the drop-down menu or create a new deposit by selecting the {New Deposit} button.
Select a payment Type from the drop-down.
Reference Number
Enter value for the Reference Number.
Current Date set as default. Select Calendar icon to change date.
Order balance will pre-fill in Amount field but this value can be modified.
3. Select {Save}. 


A new order will be created and the Order's view page will open. The payment will appear under the Payments section.