When creating multiple shipments, it may sometimes be necessary to apply different tax rates to each. Each shipments tax rate will be included in the calculation of the tax total on the Order.

From the Order view page, create a new shipment for each item to be shipped. For more information on creating a shipment, see Shipments-Creating a Shipment

On each shipment:

  • Make sure Shipping is Taxable is set to Yes. If not, toggle switch to Yes.
  • Click on the Tax Rate field and select all applicable tax rates from the drop-down. 

         Note: If the tax rate you'd like to use is not available, you may need to create a 

         new tax type. For more information on creating Tax Types, see Financial-Tax Types


Under the Details tab on the order, if you now hover over the Tax amount, you will see a breakdown of the different tax types that have been applied.