Items will show all Budget Period details with associated Items/Orders for the selected Budget. Any order items included in each budget period will be visible by clicking on the + icon to expand the budget period view.

Manually Adding Budget Periods

Budget periods will automatically be added, based on the frequency that has been set up on budget details, until the overall Budgets end date. 

A budget period can be manually added by selecting {New} on the Items table. A pop-up will confirm a new budget period has been created. 

Note: Edited budget details will only be applied to newly created budget periods. If you would like changes to apply to existing budget periods, you will need to edit those manually.

To Edit Budget Period Details

Step      Action

  1.        Select Start Date for budget to be edited. The Edit Budget Period modal will open.

  2.        Make required changes.

  3.        Select {Save}. A pop-up window will confirm selected budget period has been updated. 

To Delete Budget Period Details

Step      Action  

  1.        Select budget periods to be deleted by checking boxes on left-hand side of start date. To delete all budget periods, check box on left-hand side of {New} on Items table.

  2.        Select {Delete}. A window will pop-up to confirm selected items to be deleted.

  3.        Select {Ok}. A results window will confirm selected budget periods have been deleted.

To Edit Budget Item/Order Details    

Step      Action

  1.        Select + icon to left of Budget Period Start Date to expand Item view. 

  2.        Select Item# or Order Number to be edited. Page will redirect to the corresponding Item View or Order View page.

  3.        Make required changes.

To add an Adjustment to a Budget Period

Step      Action

  1.        Select budget period to be adjusted by checking boxes on left-hand side of start date.

  2.        Select {Adjustment}. An Adjustment modal will open.

  3.        Complete the fields.

AmountEnter positive or negative value for adjustment Amount.
ReasonAdd the reason for the adjustment. This will appear under Item Name on the Items table.