Products can be setup with Shipping Boxes and Shipping Weights. This allows multiple products from the order to be added into the same shipping box.

Note: Combined boxes can only be utilized if Shipping Combined Boxes toggle has been set to YES on the administrative settings.

Shipping Options can be setup on the Online edit tab of a product.

To add a Shipping Box:

1. Select {New} under Shipping Box. A New Shipping Box modal window will open. 

2. Select a Box from the drop-down menu and then enter a value for the Quantity Per.

Note: Shipping Box drop-down option can be modified. See Settings - Shipping Boxes.

3. Select {Save}. A results window will pop-up to confirm item box quantity scale saved.

To add a Shipping Weight:

Enter value for the Shipping Weight, select Mass Units from the drop-down menu, and then enter value for Per.

Shipping with Combined Boxes

Once Shipping Boxes and Shipping Weight have been setup for a product, the system will utilize these settings to determine how to combine order items when shipping. 

The system will look at the following when looking to ship a combined box:

  • Looks at the boxes on a product and identifies all items with the same box, moving up from the smallest. 
  • If all products do not have a matching box, the system will match as many items as possible that have matching boxes.
  • When calculating what can fit, divide the order quantity by the number that can fit in the box to get the percentage filled and work to 100%. 
  • If greater than 100% try and find a matching box that is bigger, if not available calculate appropriate number of boxes.

For more information on combined shipments, see Shipments - Shipping Combined Boxes.