Getting Started

If you are new to the HTML document/canned email tag system, you can get an overview of tags, objects and loops here

Accessing The OrderPayment Object

Access to this object is dependent on what document or canned email type you are trying to access the object from. Start by finding the document or canned email type you are working with from the links provided below. Follow the chart for your specified document or canned email type to see if the object is accessible, and if so, where it is located.  You may need to use a combination of loops and/or chaining to access this object. 

HTML Tags by Document Type

HTML Tags by Email Type

Accessing The OrderPayment Tags

Assuming you have access to the OrderPayment object, you must do one of the following:

1.  The object itself is a list type, so the object must be looped. The tags and/or sub-object tags should be nested within the loop.

2. If the object itself and the sub-object are list types, then both objects must be looped. The sub-sub-objects tags and/or objects should be nested within the loop.

Here is a chart displaying these use cases.

<!-- {{#each  OrderPayments}} -->
        {{TagName}} <br />
<!-- {{/each}} -->
<!-- {{#each OrderPayments}} -->
        {{Amount}} <br />
<!-- {{/each}} -->
  2<!-- {{#each OrderPayments}} -->
  <!-- {{#each TagName}} -->
          {{SubObjectTagName}} <br />
  <!-- {{/each}} -->
<!-- {{/each}} -->

<!-- {{#each OrderPayments}} -->
  <!-- {{#each Payments}} -->
          {{CashDate}} <br />
  <!-- {{/each}} -->
<!-- {{/each}} -->


Tag Name
Additional Sub Object
AmountThe amount of the payment applied to the order.Decimal Value
IdThe id of the order payment.Guid
OrderThe tags relating to an order can be accessed for the order on this payment.

Order Tags
OrderIdThe id of the order.Guid
PaymentThe tags relating to a payment can be accessed for the payment this order payment is on.

Payment Tags
PaymentIdThe id of the payment.Guid