When accessing these tags on documents and emails that have access to items, Proof can be added as a prefix to the tag or the proof loop can be used.

{{Proof.TagName}}    or    <!--{{#each Proofs}}-->{{TagName}}<!--{{/each}}-->

Additional Sub Object
CreatedDateThe date the most current proof record was created.Date/Time
FileThe tags relating to a file can be accessed for the file on this proof record.

File Tags
FileIdThe id of the file for the proof record.
The id of the proof record.Guid
LastModifiedDateThe date the proof record was last modified.Date/Time
NotesThe notes that has been input on the proof record.Text
OrderItemIdThe id of the order item.Guid
StatusThe tags relating to a proof status can be accessed for the current status on the proof record.

Proof Status Tags