When accessing these tags on documents and emails that have access to stock, PurchaseOrderItem can be added as a prefix to the tag or the purchase order item loop can be used.

{{PurchaseOrderItem.TagName}}    or    <!--{{#each PurchaseOrderItems}}-->{{TagName}}<!--{{/each}}-->

Additional Sub Object
CostThe cost of the suppy or stock on the purchase order.
Decimal Value
IdThe id of the stock or supply item on the purchase order.Guid
PurchaseOrderThe tags relating to a purchase order can be accessed for the purchase order the stock or supply items are on.

Purchase Order Tags
PurchaseOrderIdThe id of the purchase order.Guid
QuantityThe quantity of the suppy or stock on the purchase order.Decimal Value

The tags relating to a reservation can be accessed for reservations on the stock items on the purchase order.

Purchase Order Item Reservation Tags
StockThe tags relating to a stock can be accessed for a stock on the purchase order.
Stock Tags
StockIdThe id of the stock.
SupplyThe tags relating to a supply can be accessed for a supply on the purchase order.

Supply Tags
SupplyIdThe id of the supply.Guid