We have implemented customizable production views so you can decide what you want to see in each queue as your items move through production. 

We have also added Active User Queues and the ability to add and remove users from queues. This means you can determine what queues your staff have access to and what shows on each. 

We shipped 3.15 with each view we had in previous versions but you are able to create new views and assign queues to them. Customizing these views can seem like a daunting task as it requires a bit of coding but rest assured that even those with no coding experience can easily make simple changes.

If you happen to make changes that mess up the view, you can revert back to the original view with the backups attached to this article.

Restoring a Production View

The Production Views are located in Settings > Production > Views.

To restore a view, click the view that has issues, copy the correct view code from the files attached to the bottom of this article and paste them into your view.