To host an image in your portals, documents, or canned emails (such as a logo) you must first host this image yourself and link to it in the HTML. This image hosting can be done through a private server, website host, or simply a third party file host such as Dropbox. 

Once you have the image hosted and have the link to the file, insert it into the following image code:

<img src="https://your-image-link-here"/>

You can then copy this code and paste it into the HTML view of your portal, document or canned email wherever you would like it to appear.

If you have your image link ready and are unsure where to paste it, our support department can help you. Send us a ticket or email Please specify where in the email you are hoping to have the image appear.

Important Note regarding Dropbox image hosting:

Dropbox links must be manipulated to properly show as public image files. After copying the Dropbox link, it will look something like this:

Please change "" to this "" and replace "dl=0" with this "raw=1".

Like so: