Discounts can be added during the Quick Add process, and can also be easily adjusted on the Pricing tab of a quote/order item. Bulk Actions is another tool that can be used to modify discounts. This can be done on quote items, order items, requotes or reorders.

To Add a Discount

Step      Action

  1.        When you're building your item in Quick Add, scroll down to the bottom of the modal window. In the                   Quantities area, you can enter your discount in % or $. 

2.     After adjusting your Discount, click on Save to apply it. 

To Edit a Discount

Discounts can be edited or removed at the item level or using the Bulk Actions tool.

Editing at Item Level:

Step      Action

  1.        When you're on the Item View of the item you want to adjust, click on the Enable Edit Mode button                 to edit the different tabs.

  2.        On the Pricing tab, in the Quantities table for the item, you can adjust the Discount by selecting the                 % or $ in the dropdown and entering in the Amount.

  3.        Once the adjustment is complete, click on the Save button above.

Editing Using Bulk Actions:

  1.        Select the items you want to adjust by clicking the checkbox next to them, and then click on the Bulk                 Actions tool, and go to Items

  2.        Make your adjustments to the Discount % or $, enter in the Amount, and click on Save. Clicking on                 the checkbox and leaving the value blank will remove the discount.