This shows any Orders for this contact. By default, you will see the first 5 orders. If you would like to see all orders click on the View All button.
  • New Orders can be created by clicking on the icon.
  • A sub-action menu will open using the vertical ellipses.

For more information, see Orders.


This shows any Items for this contact.

  • Hovering mouse over an item, a vertical ellipses will display. Clicking on the vertical ellipses will open a sub-action menu.

SummaryThis allows for the item summary to be displayed. The summary is informational and cannot be printed.
EditThis will redirect you to the Item Edit page.
WorkorderThis allows for a workorder to be generated for printing or downloading.

Workorder document options can be customized. For more information, see Documents - Creating a New Document.
DeleteThis allows for the item to be deleted. 

To create an order see Creating a New Order.