Entries are used to credit all or part of an invoice, reasons for the credit can range from a billing error, production error or bad debt write off. Entries can be made and applied to invoices that exist now or one entered in the future.

They can also be used to add additional charges to an invoice such as finance charges or NSF fees.

Note: An entry will not be reflected in the customer's statements until is has been applied to an order. 

For more information, see FAQ - How do I Process Customer Credits and Refunds?

There are a few ways a Payment can be added.

  • CRM > Customer View > + icon on Entries section
  • Accounting > Entries  > New

Creating a New Entry

Step      Action

  1.        Select {Accounting} and then select the Entries tab.

  2.        Select {New} under EntriesA New Entry page will open.

  3.        Complete the fields.


Enter a Name for the entry.

Tip: The name should include a reason for the entry.
Example: Credit for Misprinted Item
Created Date

The system will automatically populate the Created Date with the current date. It can be changed manually by clicking on the field and selecting a date from the pop-up calendar.

Select a Customer from the drop-down menu.

Select a Type from the drop-down menu. A negative entry will add a credit to the account and a positive entry will add additional charges to the account.
Entry Total

The system will automatically populate Entry Total total based on GL Account Allocation and Tax Allocation entries.
GL Account Allocation

GL Account Allocation can be prefilled from an order or manually entered.

To prefill from order items:
1. Select {Prefill From Order Items} under GL Account Allocation. An Add Item modal window will open.
2. Select items to be added.
3. Select {Add}. The items will now appear under GL Account Allocation.
Once the system has prefilled GL Account Allocation from selected order items, the amounts can be manually adjusted by entering new value in the corresponding amount field.

To add manually:
Manual entries can also be added by clicking on one of the {Select an Option} fields under GL Account section.
Note: Additional GL Account Allocation items can be added by selecting the + icon on the bottom right-hand side of the GL Account Allocation section.
Tax Allocation

The system will automatically populate Tax Allocation based on GL Account Allocation entries. 

Manual entries can also be added by clicking on one of the {Select an Option} fields under Tax Type.

Note: Any taxes should be added to the Tax Allocation section to ensure correct reporting.

Additional Tax Allocation items can be added by selecting the + icon on the bottom right-hand side of the Tax Allocation section.
Total Allocated
The system will automatically populate Total Allocated.

  4.      Select {Save}. The entry page will be renamed based on the Entry Number.

Note: The option to allocate commission and add applied orders will be available once the Entry information has been saved and the entry number generated. (See Commission Allocation and Applied Orders). 

Once an entry has been created, a Credit Note can be printed or emailed. (See Entries - Printing or Emailing a Credit)