Online Ordering

These are the payment options that the Contact will have available to them at checkout. If this field is left blank, the Customer's options will be used.
This is the role that will control what the Contact can see and do online.
This is the username the Contact will login with, it must be unique.
New Password
Enter a New Password.
Confirm New Password
Re-enter password to Confirm New Password.
Portal Access
These selections are the portals that the Contact has access to.
Default Portal
This is the Contact's default portal that urls will be created from and that the main default portal will direct them to on login.
AddThese are the budgets that this Contact has access to.
Default BudgetThis is the default budget for this contact.

Note: If a budget default is set, items will have that budget prefill on creation, regardless of if a budget is required or not. 
Budget RequiredToggle switch to Yes if the contact is required to add a budget when ordering items.
These are the products that this Contact has access to.

For more information, see Contacts - Products.

Note: An initial save needs to be done on the Contact modal prior to adding approvers. 

If you attempt to add approvers without having saved the modal first, an error message will generate.
Select some options from the drop-down.
Note: Additional levels for Approvers can be added by selecting the + icon to the right-hand side of the drop-down. The additional approver levels will automatically be removed if there are no names in the drop-down.

For more information, see Contact - Online Ordering.