Job Templates are used to prefill specifications on an item more quickly. It is a general base for setting up similar items and products. The templates can be set up with the most common or lowest base of specs and then they can be customized on the quote or order to fit the request. Job templates make it possible for new users to learn how to create and quote simple jobs without the help of an estimator.

While job templates can be created from scratch form Settings > Job Templates, you can also convert the specs on a quote item into a job template. This is a quick way of saving the specs on a quote item for future use when building other items.

Creating a Job Template from a Quote Item

Step     Action

  1.       On the quote you are interested in, select the Item number you want to create a job template 

            for to open the Quote Item view.

  2.       Select {Actions > Create Job Template}. A New Option Template modal window will open.

  3.      Complete the fields.

NameEnter the Name of your Template Option. The template option will be a variation that belongs to the larger grouping of Job Template, in the next field.
  • Example: 8.5x11 4/4
TemplateSelect an existing Job Template from the dropdown, or select {New} to make a new one.
  • Example: Brochures 
DescriptionEnter the description that will appear in the description column for this template.
  • Example: Business brochures


  4.      Select {Save}. A popup will confirm that a template option has been successfully created.