Product is essentially a pre-made job item that can be used for orders internally, online, or on POS. When creating a product, a job template can be used to pre-fill specifications during setup but it is not necessary. It can also be set up with files, tasks, notes, outsourced vendor, etc.

While products can be created from scratch from Settings > Products, you can also convert the specs on a quote item into a product. This is a quick way of saving the specs on a quote item for a product you may want to place on Point of Sale or an online portal.

Creating a Product from a Quote Item

Step     Action

  1.       On the quote you are interested in, select the Item number you want to create a product 

            for to open the Quote Item view.

  2.       Select {Actions > Create Product}. 

  3.       A popup will confirm that a product has been successfully created. Click on the product 

            number link in the popup to quickly go to the product page.