When you are uploading file(s) to attach to an item, there are a few options about where to deposit them. One such option is the Preview Files area. Preview files can be used to show the safe area of a design, or it could be a .pdf file with more information on the product.

Adding a Preview File

Step     Action

  1.       Use the search filters and table in Quotes, Orders or Products to find the item you want to add 

            preview file(s) to.

  2.       Select the item by clicking on the quote, order or product and then the item number.

  3.       Select the {+} button in the Item Files section to Upload a New File. A modal window will 


  4.       Leave the Type as "File", select the File Group as "Preview" in the dropdown menu, and 

            locate your file(s) on your local drive using the upload tool. You can also drag and drop the 

            file(s) to upload. Select {Save}. The file will now appear under "Preview Files".