The Active User section of Production is designed to show the currently logged in, active user's job items in production. This is designed to focus just on items that have been assigned to the active user, so they can focus on those jobs, regardless of which production queue they are sitting in. 

Information is presented in card view by default but can be changed. Currently the user with initials "JK" is logged in, and as you can see, each job has the initials "JK" in it as well. You can also see some jobs are in the "To Assign" queue, while others are in the "Out on Proof" queue. The active user can interact with all of these jobs assigned to them in one place. Some useful functions at the top here are Move, to move a job to another queue, and Bulk Actions, which can actually be used to reassign jobs if needed.

How to reassign jobs in Active User

Step     Action

   1.      Select the checkbox next to the item(s) you want to reassign.

   2     Select {Bulk Actions > Items}. A modal window will open. 

   3.      Select which user(s) in the Assigned To field you want to add from. If you want to remove, 

            select the Bulk Remove checkbox.


   4     Select {Save}. The initials next to the job item in Active User should be adjusted. If you 

            assigned this job to someone else, you may see the job disappear entirely from your list, as 

            you are no longer the assigned to user.

Queue access can be expanded beyond just the logged in user as well. This can be useful if you are a production manager, and want to have access to more than one user.

How to expand access in Active User

Step     Action

   1.      Go to Settings > Production.

   2     Scroll down to Active User Queues and select the edit pencil on the user you want to add to 

            your view. 

   3.      Under Access, add your user name to the access field. Select {Save}.


   4     To confirm, go back to Production > Active User. You should see an additional tab for the 

            user you added.