When creating a new payment, a modal window will open that you need to complete for configuration of that payment.

How to configure a Payment

Step     Action

   1.      Select {Accounting} on the navigation menu and click on the {Payments} tab.

   2     Select the {New} button to create a new payment.


   3.      Complete the fields:

Deposit CodeSelect the deposit you want this payment to belong to from the dropdown menu.
Created ByThis will default to the currently logged in user, but can be changed from the dropdown menu.
CustomerSelect a customer to apply a payment to. This will create a section at the bottom of all related orders payments can be applied to.
TypeSelect a payment type from the dropdown. These can be modified in Settings > Financial.
Reference NumberFor a payment like a check that may have a reference number on it, enter it in here.
DateAutomatically selects today's date, but can be adjusted using the calendar selector.
AmountAfter selecting which order to apply the payment for, you can enter in the actual payment amount here.