Stock Price Update allows for the update of pricing scales with a supplier code.


  • New Stock cannot be added using Stock Price Update. To add a new stock, see Stock - Adding a New Stock - Configuration.
  • At least one column must be present
  • All columns must be filled to be able to map with useful information
  • Having more columns than required is possible
  • Only the first row will be read into the importer. It is possible to successfully upload 0 rows of information, as long as all required columns are present, the importer will still “succeed” in mapping the csv file.
  • Mapping will allow any column to be mapped to any column “header”
  • Must be attached to an existing supplier.

Importing Stock Price CSV

Step     Action

  1.      Select {Settings} and then select {Stock} under Dockets. Select the 

          {Stock Import} tab.

  2.       Select {Choose File} under Stock Price CSV.

             A File Upload modal window will open.

  3.     Locate file on computer to be imported and select {Open}. The name of the file to

          be opened will appear to the right of the {Choose File} button.

  4.      Select {Map}. A results window will pop-up to indicate the imported CSV headers

           are ready to be mapped.

Mapping options will be available once Stock Price CSV file has been imported and must be done for import to be completed.

Mapping Stock Price CSV

Step    Action

  1.       After importing Stock Price CSV file, complete the mapping fields.

             Note: If additional scales need to be mapped, select {Add Additional Scales}. 

             Fields to map additional quantities, costs, and book costs will appear.  

  2.       Select {Update}. A modal window will appear with a summary of Stock 

            Price Update import.

  3.      Select {Close} to exit modal window. A results window will pop-up to confirm 

           Update Completed.

           Note: Additional comments may appear in pop-up window indicating any incomplete 

           field data from the Update. 

Tips for Mapping Columns

FieldIs Field Mandatory?Additional Details
  • Select the Supplier Name from the drop-down
Supplier CodeYes
  • Select the column header from the supplier file that contains the Supplier Code
    • Often referred to as 'Unique Stock ID' or 'Product Code' in supplier lists
Price PerNo
  • Select the column header from the supplier file that contains the Price Per
    • Often referred to as 'Costing Units' or 'U of M'
Minimum LevelNo
  • Select the column header from the supplier file that contains the information to update minimum levels on stock
Package QuantityNo
  • Select the column header from the supplier file that contains the Package Quantity
    • Often referred to as 'Carton Count'
Price Scale - Quantity 1Yes
  • Export a current stock list for the specific supplier from DocketManager
  • Review the Price Scale - Quantity column(s) in your DocketManager Export
    • If only one scale exists, insert a column into your supplier list as ' Price Scale - Quantity 1 and enter the Quantity - typically seen as 999999 or 1
    • If there are multiple Price Scale Quantities, you will need to include a 'Price Scale - Quantity column for each scale and use the Additional Scales when mapping.

Note: The updater will match costs according to your quantity column on supplier list. If the quantity does not exist in DocketManager, it will add a new Price Scale - Quantity and cost into DocketManager when importing which may throw off your pricing scales. 

If you require assistance with this, DocketManager does offer a Stock Price Update Import for a small fee. Submit a ticket to the Support Desk and a Support Agent will provide you with details.

Price Scale - Cost 1Yes
  • Enter value for Price Scale - Cost 1 
  • Do not use any commas or '$' signs
Price Scale - Book Cost 1Yes
  • Enter value for Price Scale - Book Cost 1 
  • Do not use any commas or '$' signs