• Column names must follow the exact same naming scheme as provided or the import upload will fail. 

  • Blank rows are considered empty and skipped by the importer. 

  • Duplicate rows are not allowed.

  • It is possible to successfully upload 0 rows of information, as long as all required columns are present, the importer will still “succeed”.

  • Overwrites will be performed on any data that has been changed between exporting/importing as long as the ID matches.

FieldIs Field Required?Additional DetailsField Value FormatMax Characters/Values
IdLeave Blank
  • Cannot be user created
  • Checks for existing Id(s):
  • If they exist in the database, the Customer object is overwritten for the vendor with the new information
  • If they do not exist, a new Customer object is created for the vendor and added to the database

GUID (Globally Unique Identifier)
Can be a null or empty value

Supplier Code

Supply Name

Package Quantity


Minimum Level

On Hand

Price Per

Price Scale - Qty 1

Price Scale - Cost 1

Price Scale - Price 1