Shipments can be refunded if you are using the Get Rates feature. You can retrieve rates from live carriers via the Shippo integration. (See Integrations - Shippo)

Note: Shipments can only be entered for orders. If you are working on a quote, the quote will have to be converted to an order before proceeding.

Refunding a Shipment

Step     Action

  1.       From the Order view page, select + icon from Shipments section. A New 

            Shipment modal will open.

  2.       Complete the fields until you get to the Get Rates button. Select your rate and click on Request Shipment.

  3.       If you want to refund your shipment, click on the Edit Pencil to open the shipment again, and then click on Refund at the bottom.

A popup will confirm your refund was processed successfully.