An existing quote can be requoted or converted into a order. This will create a new order/quote based on the original order.


  • Customer/Contact details from the original order will be copied identically into your reorder/quote, even if those details have been updated to something else in the CRM. To update this information, go to Actions > Edit and resave the Order/Quote edit modal.
  • If an item has had changes to the job template or product between the date of the original order and the reorder/convert to quote, it may result in pricing changes. When item details are saved, the system will recalculate the item, and pricing will update to reflect any job template/product changes.
  • Any overrides on the original order will be copied into your reorder/quote. This will supersede any changes that have been made to job templates or products since the original order was created.
  • If the Customer/Contact is changed on the order, only the Order defaults will update to those of the new Customer/Contact. The original customer's item defaults, (including commissions, item tags, item statuses, etc.) will not update to that of the new customer. Manual updates may be required on items for commission, tags, etc. 

Step      Action

  1.        From the Quote view page, select {Actions} and then {Requote} or {Convert to Order

             from the drop-down.

A pop-up will confirm the order has been successfully reordered or the order has been successfully converted. The page will redirect to the new Order or Quote view page. The previous order number will appear under the Customer Details section for the new order/quote.

The previous Order will display the Reordered Order # and/or Converted Quote #.