Supplies are items that are required for a job but are not necessarily billed for. (i.e. Coil Bindings or Boxes)
These items can be connected to department items to create depletion records and track usage.

Adding New Supplies

Step     Action

  1.      Select {Inventory} and then select the Supplies tab.


  2.      Select {New} under Supplies. A New Supply page will open.


  3.     Complete the Configuration fields.

Enter supplies Name. This is the Supply's name that will appear throughout the system. 

Select a Supplier from the drop-down menu. This selection is the Supplier who the Supply is purchased from. 

Note: These options can be modified. (See  Dockets-Supplier)

Supplier Code
Enter the Supplier Code. This is the unique identifier used to identify the Supply when ordering from the Supplier. 
Package Quantity
Enter value for the number of items per package or carton.
This is the location the Supply is kept at your shop.
Minimum Level
This is the minimum level you want on hand before reordering.
Price Per
This is the number of items your cost is based off.

  4.      Select {Save}.  The new supplies name will now appear in the page header. 


             Note: The option to add Pricing will be available once the Configuration

             information has saved and the Supply Edit page generated.

            (See Supply-Pricing)