Orders - Creating a New Order

Step     Action

  1.      Select {New} under Quotes/Orders. A New Order modal window will open.

  2.     Complete the fields.

Select a Customer from the drop-down.
Select a Contact name from the drop-down. 
Note: The Contact drop-down options will be filtered based on Customer selection. 

To add a New Contact for Walk-in:
1. Select {New} on the right-hand side of Contact field. A New Contact for Walk-in modal will open.

2. Complete the fields and select {Add}. A pop-up will confirm Contact saved successfully. The New Order modal will now have new contact in Contact field.  
Enter a Name for the order.
PO Number
Enter a value for the PO Number, if applicable.


   3.      Select {Save} and the new order's view page will open.

             Note: The option to add locations, new items, payments, notes, tasks, will be 

             available once the Order view page has been generated. (See Orders-Locations,

             Orders-New ItemsOrders-PaymentsGeneral-Notes, and General-Tasks)