Orders - Orders View

The Orders page is divided into the following sections:




Action The following actions to be taken for an Order:
Edit - Opens the Order Edit page.
Post/Void - Allows for the order/quote to be posted or voided. A voided order can also be unvoided.
Print Invoice - Generates a printed invoice for the selected order.
Email Invoice - Generates an email with an invoice attachment for the selected order.
Print Packing Slip - Generates a printed packing slip for the selected order.
Send Shipped Email - Generates an email with a Confirmation of Shipping attachment for the selected item.

Print Shipping Label - Generates a printed shipping label for the selected order.
Reorder - Creates a new order from the existing selected order.
Convert to Quote - Converts the selected order into a quote.

Records - Allows records for the current order to be viewed. (Note: The records option will only appear if an email has been sent on the order or item)
Order Information Boxes

These boxes provide general information about the selected stock:
Date - shows date of quote/order.
Invoice/Not Invoiced - indicated if the order has been invoiced/not invoiced.
# of Items - shows the number of items in the quote/order.
Total - shows the total value of the order/quote.
Paid - shows the total amount of quote/order that has been paid.
Balance - shows the balance of quote/order still to be paid.


This shows all items for the selected Order:

To edit, add, or delete Items. (See Orders-Items)
To access Item actions from the Order View page, hover mouse over the vertical ellipses 
( ⋮ ) on each record's very last column of the item table. (See General-Item Summary)
Customer Details This shows general details for the selected order:

This shows details for the selected order:

This shows Payments for this order:
To edit, add, or delete Payments. (See Orders-Payments)


This shows any notes for this order:
To edit, add, or delete Notes. (See General-Notes)


This shows any tasks for this order:
To edit, add, or delete Tasks. (See General-Tasks)
Shipments This shows any shipments for this order:
To edit, add, or delete Shipments. (See Orders-Shipments)