Customers - Online Ordering


Companies or individuals who are existing customers or current prospects can be setup in the Customers section of the CRM. Custom defaults can be setup for each Customer that will transfer over to all new quotes and orders.

Adding Online Ordering Information

Step     Action

  1.       Select {Online Ordering} on the right-hand side of screen to auto scroll to 

            Online Ordering section. 

  2.      Complete fields for customers Online Ordering information.  

Select some Payment options from the drop-down.
Shipping Charge
Enter value for the default Shipping Charge.
Select some Shipping options from the drop-down.
Order Due
Select some Order Due options from the drop-down.
Add a Logo.
Customer's Default Portals
Select some Default Portal options from the drop-down.
Automatically Grant Contacts Product Access
Default set to Yes. Toggle switch to No to remove automatic granting of product access to contacts. 
Online Security Role Access
Select some Online Security Role Access options from the drop-down.



 3.        Select {Save}. A pop-up window will confirm the customer updated successfully.

Editing or Deleting Online Ordering Information

Step     Action

  1.       Make required changes to fields under Online Ordering section.

  2.       Select {Save}. A pop-up window will confirm the customer updated successfully.