PO - Stocks

Adding Stocks to a PO

Step     Action  

  1.      Select {Add} under Stocks. An Add Stocks modal window will open.

  2.        Select stock by checking boxes on the left-hand side. Check box above 

             Stock column to select all stocks. 

  3.        Select {Add}. The added stock will now appear under Stocks section.

Editing Stocks

Step     Action       

  1.       Hover mouse over Stock entry to be edited and select the pencil icon that appears on 

            the right-hand side of the entry. An Edit Stock modal window will open.   

  2.       Make the required changes.      

  3.       Select {Add}.

Receiving Stocks

Step     Action

  1.       Select {Received} under Stocks. A New Received Record modal window will open.

  2.       Enter value for each Received Record.

  3.       Select {Save}. 

Deleting Stocks

Step     Action

  1.       Select entries under Stock to be removed by checking boxes on the left-hand side. 

            All entries can be removed by checking box to left of {Add} under Stock

            Note: Stock can only be deleted if items have not been received.

  2.       Select {Delete}. A window will pop-up to confirm selected items to be deleted.

  3.       Select {OK} to delete selected items. A results window will pop-up to indicate the

            selected PO Items have been successfully deleted.