Adding an Existing Shippo Account

Step    Action

  1.      Select {Settings} and then select {Integrations} under Admin. Select 

          {Shipping} on the right-hand side to auto-scroll to shipping section. 


   2.        Enter Shippo Auth Token.

   3.        Select {Save}. 

Creating a Shippo Account

Before you can start using the Shippo, you will need to register for a free Shippo 

account and get your Shippo Auth Token.

To register, visit and create an account.

How to Add/Setup a Shippo Carrier

You can create, modify, delete, and specify which shipping carriers you want to use with Shippo.

(See Go Shippo - Carriers)

How to Print a Label with Shippo

You can create and print shipping labels with Shippo.

(See Go Shippo - Labels)

How to Integrate Your Online Products with Shippo 

To integrate Shippo into your Online Products, see Shippo - Products.

Shippo FAQ's

To view Frequently Asked Questions on Shippo, see Shippo - FAQ.