To integrate Shippo online, Shipping option must first be added to a Customer's Online Ordering setup, and then Shipping Box/Weight has to be setup on the Online Ordering Template. 

Adding the Shipping option to a customer profile

Step      Action

  1.        Select {CRM} to open the Customers tab. Select a customer by clicking on the customer 

             name under the Name column.

  2.       Select {Actions} and then select {Edit} from the drop-down.

  3.      Select {Shipped} under Online Ordering.

  4.     Select {Save}. 

Set Weights and Shipping Boxes on a Product
In order for Shippo to calculate accurate shipping rates a box size and weight must be assigned at the Product level.

  1.    Select {Settings} and then select {Products} under the Online Ordering section.

  2.    Hover mouse over the Number and click to open the Product view page.

3.    Select {Actions} and then select {Edit} from the drop-down. The Product edit page will open.

  4.       Select {Online} to open the Online tab.

  5.       Complete the fields.




Shipping - Box

1. Select {New} under Shipping - Box. A New Shipping Box modal window will open.
2. Select a Box option from the drop-down menu and then enter a Quantity Per box.
3. Select {Save}.

Shipping - Weight

1. Enter a Weight under Shipping - Weight.
2. Select Mass Units from the drop-down menu.
3. Enter a value Per.

  6.       Select {Save}.

Once the Shipped option has been added to a Customer's Online Ordering setup, and the Shipping Box/Weight has been setup on the Online Ordering Template, the integration of Shippo online is complete. 

Note: If you have not already done so, make sure you have registered for a free Shippo account and have been granted an authentication token that has been entered for Integration (see Creating a Shippo Account - Integrations - Shippo)

How to Add a Shippo Account

Add an existing account or register for a new Shippo account.

(See Go Shippo - Carriers)

How to Add/Setup a Shippo Carrier

You can create, modify, delete, and specify which shipping carriers you want to use with Shippo.

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How to Print a Label with Shippo

You can create and print shipping labels with Shippo.

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Shippo FAQ's

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