Files can be added to Items and Products as Item Files, Thumbnails and Previews.

  • Item Files 

These can be any item related files including: proofs, customer files, working files, etc. The File Groups for these item files can be customized. For more information, see Order Options - File Group.  

  • Thumbnails 

These will be the thumbnails for the order or product item that will display online or on POS.

  • For Order/Quote items, only the primary thumbnail will display.
  • For Products, the primary thumbnail will display first with a slider to view any additional thumbnails.
  • Preview Files 

These will be the preview files for the order or product item that will display online or on POS.

Adding Item Files

Step     Action

  1.      Select + icon on the Item Files section. 

           An Add File modal window will open.

  2.      Complete the fields.

Choose File

1. Select {Choose File} or drag and drop your file(s). A File Upload window will open.


2. Locate the file to be added and select {Open}. The file name will now appear below.

File TypeSelect a File Type from the drop-down.

This will determine where the file gets placed in the files section.
File Group
Select a File Group from the drop-down. Your file will be labelled with this group. If you select Thumbnail or Preview, it will be organized into that group in the file section.


  3.       Select {Save}.


File Actions

There are several different actions that can be taken on a file. Hover mouse over the file you would like to action and select the desired action icon. 

ActionAction IconDescription
Editing a FileThis allows for the file to be assigned to a different file group.

Note: Changing the file group may change 
where the file gets placed in the files section.
Downloading a File

This allows for the file to be downloaded.
Copying Files to Hot Folder (Item Files only)

This allows for files to be copied to a Hot Folder.

For more information on Hot Folders, see Integrations - Hot Folders.
Deleting Files

This allows for files to be deleted.

Note: Deleted proof files will no longer appear in the files section. If the proof was part of a proof record, it will still appear on the Proof Records table on the Graphics tab.

Sorting Files

Thumbnails and Preview Files can be sorted by clicking the double arrow icon. Item Files cannot be sorted but will appear in the order in which they were added to the item from most recent to oldest.

An Edit Thumbnails/Preview Files Sort modal will open. Files can then be sorted by clicking on the double arrow icon and dragging file up or down.