The invoice date can be manually set from the order view page.

Note: A manual Invoice Date can only be entered if 'Can Manually Enter Invoice Date' toggle switched to Yes on Settings > Financial.

To Configure Settings for Manual Invoice Date Entry:

Step     Action

  1.       Select {Settings} and then select {Financial} under Accounting section.

  2.       Under the Configuration section, toggle Manually Enter Invoice Date switch to Yes.

  3.       Select {Save} under Configuration section.

How to Manually Set an Invoice Date

To Navigate to Order View page:

Step      Action

  1.        Select {Quotes/Orders}. The page should open on the Quotes/Orders tab.

  2.        Use search filters to locate the desired order.

  3.        Hover mouse over desired Order# and select the view icon. The Order view page will open. 

Step      Action

   1.       From the Order view page, click on the Invoice Date field under the Details section. A 

             pop-up calendar will open.

   2.       Use the calendar pop-up to manually select an invoice date.


     Note: The invoice due date can also be manually entered this way.     

   3.       Select {Save} under Details section. A pop-up will confirm Order Details saved.


             Note: The Accounting settings must be configured to allow for invoice date to be manually 

             entered from the Order view page.