The Invoice Date is used when calculating aging on the order. It will default to the date the order is posted but it can also be manually set if 'Can Manually Enter Invoice Date' is set to Yes on Settings > Financial.

To Configure Settings for Manual Invoice Date Entry:

Step     Action

  1.       Select {Settings} and then select {Financial} under Accounting section.

  2.       Under the Configuration section, toggle Manually Enter Invoice Date switch to Yes.

  3.       Select {Save} under Configuration section.

How to Manually Set an Invoice Date

Step      Action

   1.       From the Order view page, click on the Invoice Date field under the Details section. A 

             pop-up calendar will open.

   2.       Use the calendar pop-up to manually select an invoice date.


     Note: The invoice due date can also be manually entered this way.     

   3.       Select {Save} under Details section. A pop-up will confirm Order Details saved.


             Note: The Accounting settings must be configured to allow for invoice date to be manually 

             entered from the Order view page.