In DocketManager, if you ever have an issue with a miscalculation, an error message, or a function that's just not working, use the Issue at the bottom of the page.  By selecting this link, it gives you the ability to capture the issue immediately which should help in getting it resolved sooner.  You can NEVER be too specific or provide too much information; the more information you provide will cut down on any back and forth between you and the person assigned to the ticket.

Feature Requests should not be submitted in a ticket as they are not an actual issue with the current functionality of the system. Entering them in as tickets inflates the ticket queue causing actual tickets to have longer processing times as they have to be reviewed and removed. If you do have a Feature Request, go to Fresh Desk, sign in with your log in information and select {Forums} from the top menu. Here you can see requests submitted by other DocketManager users, along with feedback, suggestions and 'likes' they have gotten.  The more ideas and input we get on our forums helps us plan out future DocketManager functions.

Submitting a Ticket

Step      Action

  1.        Select the Issue link at the bottom of the page.

             Note: this link is available on every page in DocketManager.

    A Help & Support modal window will open.

  2.      Complete the following fields:

RequesterEnter in your email address.

SubjectEnter in a brief description of the issue.

Note: The information entered here will be the criteria used to search our Fresh Desk articles for a solution.
BodyProvide as much information and detail as possible so it doesn't take multiple emails to gather the information piece by piece.

Provide the Customer, the Order #, the Order Item #, etc. and step by step instructions on how you got there.
(i.e. "I created Order #1234 for Customer #4561, on Order Item#12341. I selected the Job Group - Banners, then Job - Banners and I got an error message (see screenshot)).

If you having a specific issue with a report or feature, tell us what it is and which one.
(i.e. If you have 6 invoice reports available and you submit a ticket about a particular field that isn't showing up on the invoice report, we need to know which one specifically has the error or if it is all of them).

If you are having trouble with the calculations, let us know what you expect the calculations to be.
(i.e. "I created Order #1234 for Customer #4561, on Order Item#12341 the total is coming out to $58.00 but it should be $32,00).
Attach a fileAttach a file if you can, whether it's of numerous screen shots or a copy of the file you are having issues with.

i.e. If you are trying to export a Customer CSV and the addresses are not exporting correctly, attach a copy of the CSV so we can see the issue.
Take a ScreenshotWith this feature you can take of screenshot of the issue immediately and send it to us.

i.e. if you get an error message, you can take a screen shot of the error if you are reporting the problem immediately after it occurs.
SectionSelect an option from the drop-down menu. This option just gives us an idea of where the issue has occurred.

PrioritySelect a priority based on the affect it is having on your business.

i.e. Low - you are trying to export a Customer CSV but it is not working correctly and it is not an issue to get it a short time later. Urgent - you have an issue creating orders and are unable to do business.
URLCopy the URL from the address field and paste it in this field.  By providing a URL, we can simply use that link to go to the exact place you are having a problem.

Important: If you are having an issue with calculations for example, do not manually override any of the information to make it work otherwise we cannot actually see/fix the issue until it happens again.
Exception: if you do have to manually make a correction to complete a billing, etc. that cannot wait, take a screen shot of the issue before the changes and let us know exactly what was changed.
Knowledge Base
(right pane)
The system will automatically take the information provided in the subject line and search it on our knowledge base to try and find an answer before you submit a ticket.

You can also input your own search criteria into the 'Search' field, if you are just looking for instructions on how to do something (i.e. add a press.)


 3.         Select {Submit}.


Below is an example of a ticket: