There are a number of reasons why Template Pricing may not be calculating as expected.

  • Department Items

Template Pricing is based on the scales that are set on the template, however Department Items can be set to be included in that price or added to it. 

If pricing is higher or lower than expected, check to see if there are any department items. If there are, confirm the department item has been set correctly to either be included or added to the price.

  • Versions, sheets or sets have not been factored into the template pricing on the Item

Template Pricing is based on finished sheets (quantity x versions x sheets x sets), not the order quantity, so quantity scales and pricing must be adjusted to reflect per sheet cost.

i.e. If the template is for pads of 50 that are $5 per pad, the first scale should be a quantity 50 instead of 1 and the price should be $0.10 instead of $5.

Check pricing scales on template to ensure versions, sheets or sets have not been factored into the template pricing correctly.

  • Changes have been made to item since template was added to an order or product

When a template is used in an order item or product, any changes to the specs affects the price.

i.e. The price of a template is set at $50 and the template includes 20lb bond stock at $10 of that price. If the stock is changed to 65lb offset stock at $15, then the order is now $55 ($50 - $10 + $15 = $55)

If the pricing on the order is different from the template, and you don't believe you made any adjustments, try refreshing the template on the Details tab back to the original specs and see if the price is correct.